METAL / Ozzy Osbourne

Bark at the Moon-OZZY OSBOURNE-1983

A big drop in quality. Might have been considered quite good back in the 80’s but this post-Randy stuff hasn’t aged all that well. The difference is that the first two albums contain songs for the ages while Bark at the Moon is well and good but run of the mill 80’s metal. So not all that essential.

However, its not very bad. It has Bark at the Moon, the only song that can make it to the all time Ozzy songlist from here, with Ozzy delivering one of his best vocal deliveries. Jake E. Lee is competent and that’s all he is. The solo in the title track is a painful reminder of how good Randy was. Not that it is bad, in fact Jake does the job well, but its your usual up down up down lead guitar solo that are found on so many of the hair metal songs of the 80’s. Lacks the classical touch that Randy had. The title track stands out for the memorable riff and “OOOOOO” that Ozzy adds on top. 

Other than that, there are the two ballads “You’re No Different To Me” and “So Tired”, which are ballads, so I’ll just stop there. Take it or leave it stuff. On second thoughts “So Tired” is too damn cheesy. Pooh. Tracks like “Slow Down” see Ozzy adding cheesy synths to the chorus section of the song. Bah. I suggest that you pick up the Best of or The Essential or Greatest Hits or whatever it is called to hear the best tracks post Randy.

-Baba T

Yea, I am talking about this one.

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