The Universal Migrator Part 2 : Flight of the Migrator-AYREON-2000

The story carries on as we follow the colonizer in the Dream Sequencer, going back in time. We had got till 50000 BC in the last one, now we go even further back, before the formation of earth and follow the Migrator as he journeys through space. He goes into Quasars, through black holes, reaches the Solar System etc. However before he gets to the Earth (which has apparently come into existence, but it hasn’t been long) the Dream Sequencer tells him that his physical body in Mars has died. So he will now roam forever in the world of the Dream Sequencer.

More geekiness

As I had already mentioned in my The Dream Sequencer review, this one is where all the metal is to be found. We also have the familiar voice of, hold your breath, Bruce Dickinson, firing away on all cylinders on some songs. Incidentally, that song is also the best one on here. “Into the Blackhole” and its follow up “Through the Wormhole” feature some seriously good wankery. The solo on “Wormhole” is the best, and in fact the only one that caught my attention. “Into the Blackhole” has a good rhythm section which marches along slowly, at a soldiers march. Of course, I have all the gripes I had with Part I, and also please look up my disclaimer in that review.

Recommended for Prog Metal fans especially.

-Baba T

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