A Perfect Circle


A Perfect Circle were known and hyped as a supergroup. Consisted of the Tool frontman Maynard James, so the Tool comparisons are obvious. Giving a finger to all the babyish nu-metal bands at the turn of the decade, A Perfect Circle had the “mature” metal sound, clean vocals and immaculate playing. Nothing amateurish here, its perfectly executed. They were the perfect amalgamtion of all that was supposed to be good in metal. They would lead modern metal into the new century. Progressive Alternative metal and what not.

However, again there is a lot of wankery and perfectionism without providing any listenability. There is a lot of Tool here, however Tool manage to make their songs more memorable, at least on Lateralus (which is the only Tool album I have heard).  Everything is in place, but with all due respect, they cannot make that connect. I am left cold, trying to find something to nod at, but failing.


The only song I would recommend here is Orestes, which has nice ambient synths in the background and a cracking riff to complement it. (Almost every song has some “studio trickery” in it, but nothing of note)

I would invite El Bajista to listen to this album and review it. Maybe I am a dumbfuck and should confine myself to AC/DC and Motorhead and the Ramones. Maybe I am biased towards this particular kinda music. Maybe this music good.

I don’t know, as Ozzy would say. This did not sound right, at least to me.

-Baba T

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