This is a mini-album, next in my series of John Frusciante‘s work, which I’m currently exploring. This is perhaps the most basic music he has ever produced, free of all extraneous production. It’s probably more challenging this way, as the artist cannot hide behind layers of instruments. Legions of people have tried to cover up stupid music like that, which is the equivalent of trying to polish a turd.


But this is the all powerful John Frusciante, so even without the production The Will to Death, this is a set of quality songs. A jangly Fender Strat, straightforward bass and a basic drum setup. It’s good to see Frusciante challenging some of the conventions of rock music today. And he succeeds admirably.

Also used here is his lovely Frusciante falsetto, which blends in perfectly with his melodic and minimalistic guitar playing. The lyrics are quite unlike The Empyrean on ‘Dissolve’, which is quite easy to understand lyrically. Here, its all a bit obscure. Thankfully the other songs are much better and easier to understand too. ‘Goals’ is a beautiful clean guitar anchored folksy song, about how we lose everything chasing our goals. Sweet. ‘A Corner’ is probably the best song here, with the upbeat chorus and all. This is the song I’ll be coming back to, especially for the chord progression in the beginning and the supremely melodic ‘na-na-na’ refrains at the end.

This album is basically staple singer-songwriter fare, but with Frusciante‘s magic touch. It good, melodic music. Not really the type to which I will be coming back daily, but more of a once a month indulgence. Don’t let the small size of the album fool you. Its no throwaway. This sounds right.

– El Bajista

Other great FRUSCIANTE work HERE.


3 thoughts on “DC EP – JOHN FRUSCIANTE – 2004

  1. Your JF reviews are totally awesome. Just thought I’d let you know I’m spreading love for them through’s Twitter and Facebook. đŸ™‚

    • Thanks a lot Iva. We here at TDSR can use all the support, please do spread the word……and TDSR is on twitter too……..

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