Back in Black-AC/DC-1980


Show me an album which has songs which rock harder than this baby, and I shall show you a sexy woman I do not want to bang.

I suppose there is no need for the review to go on any longer….you simply do not write about AC/DC, not about Back in Black, man. You soak in the awesomeness of rock’nroll. Just stand and worship at the altar of the devils music. Feel the power and glory. This album has songs which will get you on your feet and shaking your booty and thumping your fist before you can say “I wanna fuck!” The greatest riffs rock ever produced. The hardest riffs rock ever produced.

They had just lost Bon Scott (choked on his own vomit after drinking too much, a fate I have avoided only by luck and well..I never drank that much…ok I did..but I was lucky…) and they got this new vocalist, and then they managed to bring this baby out!! All credit to the boys (Go Angus!)

I drool for just a few lines more.

So, the songs that just kick ass as afore mentioned are-:

Hells Bells- Great intro with all the corny bells then the riff to start of the album and the song………..

Shoot To Thrill-and Party to Kill-The Greatest song ever. Fast and slow it goes and just gives me a chill along my spine, its that good.

What do ya do For Money, Honey-Indeed. What do you do? Not a very valid concern for these boys, they have been raking it in for the past so many years. As for the Honeys, they banged a lot but, of course the record for banging the most number of chicks goes to those mediocre musicians who went by the name of KISS…… least they did something right…….

You Shook me All Night Long- I just wish I could sing that with more feeling……

Back in Black- The singer whathisname Brian Johnson of Geordie fame before AC/DC…..his best vocal delivery ever “We are BaaaahhhhhaaaaAAAAaaaa , BaaaahhhhhaaaaAAAAaaaa, BaaaahhhhhaaaaAAAAaaaa

These 5 songs are enough to keep you occupied for a good year or so. As for the rest, they are not so great, but when I say here great, its on an another plane. The other songs are very hard and good except that I never quite got into “Rock n Roll Aint no Noise pollution” but apart from that this is great riff rocker after great riff rocker, one after the other.

Sounds Rock n Roll. Sounds Right.

-Baba T

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