Iron Maiden / METAL

Iron Maiden-IRON MAIDEN-1980

I AM BACK! Again.

Eddie the Mascot!!

Just when you think that I am gone for good and that you might not have to read my shit again, I am back.

Other commitments had forced me out of the reviewing business, for more than a month as you can see, I last was here on the 19th of last month.Anyways I am back with a review I am doing more to get into the way of things than anything else. All of you have heard this band and this album, and it is not as if Iron Maidens music varied or progressed a lot with time. They started from Point A, and will end at, more or less at Point A. They were more punkish in the beginning, went on to including some keyboards and tried to be more theatrical and epic later on. Their live concerts are good stuff, and have to be since their music is meant for concerts and head banging, and it’s the stuff that people can take their kids along too, these guys don’t swear, and are friendly too, do not wear make up to make themselves look like ghosts, etc etc..

Iron Maiden? You all know Iron Maiden! From England, started playing fun melodic fast metal with twin guitar attack in 1980 invented by their predecessors Judas Priest, and are still doing roughly the same stuff, which more properly came to be known as NWOBHM, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, basically metal as described above, with a touch of punk, plus with a singer hitting all the very high notes, while dealing with all of the normal metal clichés in a fun sorta way. You know, death metal and doom metal are all “dark” and supposedly “dangerous”, and with growlers and grunters, the brand of metal which Iron Maiden popularized has “fairy” singers sort of, who go AAAAAAAAAAAA..the plus side..easy on the ears, minus side/plus side, you can understand what they are singing, which can be a drawback for some people who want serious lyrics, but a plus for people who get a laugh out of  lyrics like “6-6-6 the Number of the Beast, Hell and fire was spawned to be released” etc. Also the album covers of these NWOBHM bands are all very colourful and cartoonish. You can see the devil quite clearly, unlike on all these black metal bands whose album covers are all dark and bare.

However, their debut, on which they have Paul Di Anno as the vocalist, is almost my favourite Iron Maiden album, The Number of the Beast might up there too, but some songs on here are just tad more memorable. The signature Iron Maiden sound started from here and it always nice to look at the origin, especially if you have heard what is to come after. Also, I can never forget the title track, specially the intro, when the guitars just come in with that memorable tune, which just keeps ringing in my head. “Remember Tomorrow” exploits the soft-lound dynamic well, and is quite the killer track on here.

For the début, Iron Maiden displayed an impressive variety, they are very spunkish and tight, if you know what I mean, raw sounding, Anno is a good mean singer with the punk streak. Except for “Charlotte the harlot” everything is fine and well, on here, and if apart from “Live After Death” I had to strongly recommend an Iron Maiden album, it would be this one, and not The Number of the Beast”. Sometime ago, I would have named the afore named, but I realized suddenly that too many of my favourite tracks are to found on the début.

So get this one if by chance you missed out on it. It is good. Sounds Right.

Baba T..back from the depths of hell..

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Random pic I found on google..early Anno in there?

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