Burzum / METAL

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss-BURZUM-1994

Bleak it is. Very Appropriate.

Bleak it is. Very Appropriate.

Burzum is just another name for the crazed murderer named Count Vishnakh from Norway or (some such Tolkeinish/Rowling sounding name) who is currently doing time in jail, where he sits and makes dirges for funeral marches on a piano.

This album, made by him before he murdered some Mayhem guitarist, (an average band but highly appreciated in black metal circles), is generally considered to be the blueprint of black metal, and also one of the best, this album has all the classic (can also be substituted for the word “common”) black metal traits. The common black metal traits are [1] piss poor production; [2] tortured intelligible screams; [3] highly distorted guitars; [4] tremolo picking by the guitarists, generally used to create a wall of sound, [5] most black metal albums contain an “ambient” piece in midst of all the savagery and drum bashing; [7] occasional use of spooky (goofy) sounding synths.

Well, when I tell you that this album has all of these, that pretty much tells you the whole story. “Det Som…..”, the first song on here has the synths in the beginning, goes into kick ass riffing in the second part, returns to the synths plus the kick ass riffery combined but at the speed of a funeral march, and ends with a great riff which he did not use throughout, but should have done so, the bastard! The musical motifs are few, as you can see, but done well. The album ends with a 14 minute long ambient piece, “Tomhet”, which seems to go on forever, but is satisfying if you have sat through the first part of the album in one sitting, it’s a relief from the screams and drum bashing. Of course, independently, all these dark ambient pieces don’t stand, and they are not meant to anyways.

To sum up, in short, I recommend this album with the caveat that black metal cannot be stomached by everybody. If you want to get into the genre, try this album out or Bathory’s Blood, Fire Death. If you do not like those then just forget it. It is that kinda album, I guess, a good representative of Norwegian Black Metal. Oh, those church burners!

Baba T

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