Gypsy Passion: New Flamenco – VARIOUS ARTISTS -1998

What could easily be the name of a bad 80’s porn film involving an (ageing) Linda Lovelace in tassels and Ron Jeremy in (only) a sombrero turns out to be a not half-as-sexual-but-trillion-times-sexier testament to flamenco with a rocket up its chuff..

Fantastic. Unreproachable. Un-nitpickable.

Fantastic. Unreproachable. Un-nitpickable.

The best description is what the cover itself says, “Sensuous rythms, scorching guitar, and profound spirit- the foremost artists of a dynamic new genre.” Well, I wouldn’t call it a new genre, just a sizzling cross between traditional Mexican-girls-dancing-with-drunk-guitar-player flamenco with great bass [Double 😀 ] , occasional use of non-flamenco percussion like tabla (!). And of course, erection inducing Spanish guitar playing. I’d classify it as New Age. Its flabbergastingly brilliant and all the tracks are fantastic. I’m especially taken by Lara & Reyes and Oscar Lopez. Whats great, is that they seemed to be imbued in one of those rare-to-find zones in music, which is melodic, full of unforgettable hooks and yet incredibly virtuostic.

You should stop reading this review by now. These guys fall into those class of musicians which aren’t known at all and who go from country to country enthralling audiences of no more than 150 or more like, well, gypsies. These guys are utterly unreproachable.

Think. This could have been a film with HIM acting. Thankfully, its not.

Think. This could have been a film with HIM acting. Thankfully, its not.

Hear this album to hear MUSIC, and not a wank-fest. Do expect latin rhythms, lovely jumping basslines and scorching guitars. It’s a 55 minute orgasm. I’m posting the tracklist and artist names here. Check any of them on youtube. Oh, and do carry tissues with you.

And, as you might have already guessed, this sounds very right.

Lucia – Oscar Lopez

Gypsy – Jesse Cook

Gypsy Flame – Armik

Dulce Libertad – Lara & Reyes

2 the Night – Ottmar Liebert

Bola – Strunz & Farah

Danza Mora – Eric Tingstad

Rumba Rumba Gitanita – Ruben Romero & Lydia Torea

Torero – Govi

Istanbul – Bruce BecVar

Torrecillo del Leal – Miguel De La Bastide

Rockin’ Gypsies – Willie & Lobo

– El Bajista


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