Mercyful Fate / METAL

Melissa-MERCYFUL FATE-1983

Melodic Speed Metal for your ears!!

Melodic Speed Metal for your ears!!

Over the top, melodic speed metal.

I suppose I could end it there, because really there is not much else to tell. This band came up in 1983, made two albums, this one, their début, and Don’t Break The Oath, and truth to tell after enjoying this release and the Best of back in the summer of 2006, I have never really shuffled them again on my playlist, having better things to listen to. I don’t know who they influenced, I suppose their extreme gothic imagery and twin lead guitar attack holds the seeds for the later Scandinavian Melodic Black and Death Metal Bands, who saturated the scene throughout the 90’s. Pretty great. Oh yes, King Diamond. An underground metal icon, having a voice which can reach ridiculously high notes, so high that you don’t even need notes as high as these. He is a major contributor to the music here being damned corny and over the top.

Of course, the above para might indicate that I regard this as a throwaway, but that is not the case. This is a good record, but I can’t help but smile at it. The lead guitars are the standouts on the record, and if we talk about tracks, well, let me tell you that the title track, Melissa is in my top 30 Metal songs of all time. It is really good. The slow chiming guitars, the cry of “Melissssssssaaaaaaaaaa” ….this is their greatest song. Their melodic strengths lift them out of the corny metal rut and place this record way above many other metal records. Melissa, in short, might not be all that frequently heard by me, but some times it is truly great. This gets a thumbs up from me, specially the title track. Remember to pick that one up, even if you leave out the others.

Baba T



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