ELECTRONICA / Robert Miles

Dreamland-ROBERT MILES-1996

Entrancing Beats......

Entrancing Beats......

I don’t pretend to know much about Electronic music (House/Trance/whatever else there is) but I really like an album which can put me to sleep peacefully, without me making much of an effort. Dreamland is one such trustworthy album. No, I am NOT dissing it. When I say that it puts me to sleep, I mean it in a good sense. This is an eminently listenable album with a LONG shelf life, and you better believe that.

It is like listening to something beautiful and entrancing, and when you get up you wonder if all of it was real, and can hardly remember anything that happened. All I remember specifically is the first song, the huge dance hit, “Children”, and that there are some really nice female vocal choruses. Nice repetitive beats, which really do always put me in a trance (aptly named genre, I have to say!!), and as I said, very easy to listen to. I do not remember anything else much. I know there are some 10 other pieces but it is hardly needed of me to state anything specifically about them. All I say is, if there are other similar albums out there, which sound so good and peaceful, please let me know about them. A yay! for trance music. This (when I am not already asleep) sound right.

-Baba T



One thought on “Dreamland-ROBERT MILES-1996

  1. I’m not sure if “peaceful” is the first word that comes to mind, but Solar Fields’ most recent album Movements is a pretty fantastic piece of electronic music. It certainly does have its peaceful moments (Circles of Motion, The Stones Are Not Too Busy, Patterns, Breeze) but it also has its crazy intense, almost… evil? moments. I’d give it a listen.

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