Cosmic Troubadour – BILLY SHEEHAN – 2005

This is the bass shred guru’s second solo album. Among the welcome inclusions is a real drummer, than some computer manipulating noughts and zeros. That helps massively. So how does this album compare to the extremely average Compression? Read on. Well, the first thing that struck me was the presence of kicking rhythms from the … Continue reading

Bob Dylan / FOLK / FOLK ROCK

Together through life – BOB DYLAN – 2009

We have a new occasional reviewer (yes another one). Please give a warm welcome, to The Real Cock n’ Cola. Err….yes. That’s his name. He brings opinionatedness (is that a word?) and his own musical knowledge and experience to thatdoesntsoundright. Enjoy. You had better believe it. He is back. His mercurial wordplay sparkling, his June-born neverwhere-everything brimming … Continue reading

FUNK / FUNK ROCK / Graham Central Station

Graham Central Station – GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION – 1973

This is the Funk-Soul debut by uber-funk guru Larry Graham’s second (and arguably better) band, Graham Central Station. Being a bass player, I was extremely excited to see what GCS had to offer. I mean, Larry Graham invented slapping. How cool is that? Very. Unfortunately, I can’t quite say the same thing for the album. … Continue reading


The Incident – PORCUPINE TREE – 2009

I have loved every single Porcupine Tree album, for various reasons. You might want to read thatdoesntsoundright‘s reviews of In Absentia and Fear of a Blank Planet to get some concurrence on that. As a result, my expectations for the rather detached sounding The Incident were very high. In anticipation of the same, I read … Continue reading