METAL / Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine-RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE-1992

“FUCK YOU, I am not going to do what you told me to”

Rage Against the Machine is known as an important band, mainly because they added rap to strong, driving hard rock riffs and it was all a rebellion with a cause and not the usual love and lust cock rock lyrics or the evil or scary fantasy themes of the rest of the metal scene. Yes, as has often happened, a good thing also lead to a bad thing, as in, almost all the nu-metal bands have been inspired by the RATM approach to metal, resulting in abominations such as Slipknot. Ever heard People=Shit?

Well those are the elements which RATM is known for. But that is not what they were best at. At least, on this album, it is the fascinating and unsusual guitar work of Tom Morello and the amazing rhythm section that makes the anti-imperialist, leftist scenery and vision work and not vice-versa, as many would have you believe. The insane solos drive the themes and the hard riffs are the catalyst for the anger that RATM feels.

Most important to me is that RATM brings in the complete package. The name, the music, harsh and out to kick arse, the cover, the lyrical themes, all complement each other perfectly and make sense. Right from the name, where the obvious implication would be of the common man struggling against the bureaucracy and red tapism, in short rebelling against the stupid system, to the music, which suits the name perfectly, to the lyrics, which breathe fury and anger against assholes in the system, they just tear apart everything in the way. This reminds me now of a scene in the greatest Rock movie of all time, “School of Rock” where Jack Black teaches the children about the MAN.

There is not much more that I can say about this fascinating piece of music. Again, if I had to make a pick, it would be “Know Your Enemy” though others are not far behind; “Wake Up” is dangerously close to “Kashmir” in the intro, but soon goes away from Led Zeppelin’s butt kicker after that.  These two are my picks for the best songs but I wouldn’t place them too far above the rest. RATM took pains to write songs and it shows, since the song structures are set up so as to avoid too many repetitions of the same riff, and they manage to introduce something new and exciting on a regular basis. This sounds right.

Baba T




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