Bruce Springsteen / CLASSIC/HARD ROCK


I am writing this review after listening to the whole (ok, most of it, let’s say) Springsteen Discography, whereas I wrote the earlier review when this album was the only Springsteen I had ever bothered to hear. Well, I have taken a look and changed my mind. This album ain’t that great after all. This is because listening to all the other albums just like this one has soured my outlook. It’s just one same good old Rock n’ Roll number after another. Same on Born To Run, same on *insert name of Springsteen album*. Hey working man! You’re awesome, you’re life is so simple, and you better not think it is pathetic, cause, whadda hell do ya know, anyways?? Ride bikes after work, drink a beer and go to your good old broken down country home!! And even if your boss is a bitch, and you feel alienated coz you work hard and just get a very very small piece of action that’s ok, coz you can always go home and live your simple life on beer and bikes!!

30 minutes of BS might sound heartfelt, but not after you’ve heard every thing and realize that it is not sincere at all. Oh and plus I like only three songs which are catchy and memorable for more than a few days. It almost feels as if “Philadelphia” was written by him in some other universe.

Recommended Songs – I’m on Fire, Cover Me, Down bound Train.

Baba T




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