DESI ROCK / Human Abstract

Two Point Perspective-HUMAN ABSTRACT-2009

There they are, or so I guess.

There they are, or so I guess.

Hey Ha!!! That Doesn’t Sound Right is coming back!!  I am not sorry for the prolonged absence of almost 15 days, because you wouldn’t notice us if we didn’t keep going and coming back. I mean, just look at Batista. People only remember him when he makes his comeback from injury, which keeps happening all the time, while the rest of the time he is obscured by his own mediocrity (WWE, YOU MORONS, a heel turn for Batista is in order!!). Same for Baba. His mediocrity and unedited, careless, offhand reviews go unnoticed if he keeps going and making a comeback.

They have potential written all over them

They have potential written all over them

Now for the review. Coming to you from Bombay, India we give you SABUUUUUU!!!!  Nah nah, I am sorry. I am in the habit of remembering the old ECW (the Paul Heyman ECW, btw) wrestler whenever I say Bombay, India. Was he really from that place?

Now for the music band. Coming to you from Bombay, India, That doesn’t Sound Right brings you Human Abstract, a heavy rap-rock band who released their first EP, Two Point Perspective, just a few weeks ago. Yeah, that is right. Finally something contemporary!!  Human Abstract, instead of the usual break up or angst without a cause lyrics, try to channel their rock’n’roll energy and anger by focused lyrics on the burning issues of the day, like reservation and stuff. Yeah, sure. Great, now on to the music!!

The sound is heavy with angry distorted guitars all over the place, some rap here and there, some really good drumming, with the result that all the songs have a really good rhythm section which buries the vocals and rapping and the leads, which is good because this way the dirtiness and righteous rage all get amplified ten to the power 1000 times. No wank fest on the guitars for these boys, they follow the formula of keeping the songs short and umm….sweet, no wasted energy anywhere on this short excursion into Indianized Desi-RATM land. Bulls on Parade, anybody? Slowish Rap Punkish Metal, anybody?

The real stand out on the record which is highly recommended for all the fans out there, is “Cry”, the one song that sticks and hovers way above the slightly average and forgettable flavor of the rest of the songs. Yeah, give that one to the crowd, guys!!! The rest of the material is ok and adequate, and I sure would like to hear it live, but the shelf life of everything but “Cry” is short. But that song is sweet, playah. One for the Best of compilation, down the line. These guys have a lot of scope of improvement, the ingredients are all there, we have a nice debut, with a little more effort at avoiding clichés and ugly RATM influences and more time on their instruments, including vocal chords, to the Rock fan, this will surely sound right.

PS-Nice album name, and nice cover.

PPS-There is also some progressive metal wanker band called Human Abstract from the US! Copyright, guys!!

Back from fighting the ghosts of Corporate Law-This is Baba T signing in.

More DESI ROCK reviews, right this way.

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