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Guitar wizard Warren Mendoza

There is not much dispute as to the fact that rock’n’roll originated and developed mainly in England and USA. Rocks finest and most enduring traditions of punk, metal, psychedelia all developed and flourished there. These styles did spread all over the globe though, and by everywhere I mean everywhere. Lots of metal sub-genres are engrained in the gloomy hills of Scandinavia, and streets of Germany; progressive rock has been quite the rage in France. The influence of rock’n’rollah didn’t contain itself to the west, fortunately, it spread to the subcontinent.

With that incoherent opening, That Doesn’t Sound Right, with much pleasure would like to introduce you to the great Indian Rock Scene, with a review of one of the most popular bands on the college and pub circuit of India in recent times, Zero. They broke up in 2005 unfortunately, but not before they produced some stellar originals on the couple of albums that got released on an independent Indian label, Counter Culture records.

Smooth and Classy hard rock. If I had only four words to describe them, then those are my four words. (Not counting the “and”) The sound is extremely clean in a good sense (not the sense of it being overproduced and unnecessarily glossy), in the sense that you can hear each instrument separately, without the sound getting unnecessarily distorted or mixed into the “wall of sound”. This especially helps the bass lines, since these are the driving force behind most of the songs, and quite the highlight of the album. The lead is classy and only used when required, the solos are memorable and thankfully never descend into the unnecessary and unmemorable wah-wah but softly and without making much of a fuss about their presence, complement the catchy and powerful bass lines.

An extremely solid album, all the way through, and has an extremely cool vibe all the way through. My gripes with it are very petty, namely that it doesn’t have anything as intense or catchy as PSP 12 (a song that comes on a later album), and sometimes the vocalist should have been higher in the mix, his voice often gets obscured by the guitars. His voice though, is suited to the sound of the band, he doesn’t hit high notes, cause he’s not meant to hit them, it would sound out of place. He stays within his range and its quite a narrow range, but again complements the overall sound and that’s all I ask. This is highly recommended to jaded rock music fans all over the world, tired of the stupid alternative rock scene prevailing in the west at the moment. The rock music of US sounds tired partner, its time for the new age of rock to take place in a new place. The bands of India, as you will see, bring a whole new vibe to rock, and reinvent it with their own Indian sensibilities and traditions of music we have here. Yay!!!!

This sounds extremely right. And I am not saying this just because I am from India. I am saying this as an extremely devoted rock music fan.

Baba T

P.S-Get their whole discography on

P.P.S-My picks, which you should download first, to get into them would be “Not My Kind of Girl”, and “Found” from this album and “PSP 12” from their 2005 outing Procastination.

Thank Me!!!

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