METAL / Venom

Black Metal-VENOM-1982

This supposedly gave rise to the genre that we now know as “Black Metal” consisting of fine acts such as Bathory, Burzum, Ulver etc., who all will be given time on “That Doesnt Sound Right”. I think it might have kickstarted that movement, but not because it has any actual musical value. It hasn’t any musical value except for bad production. That value doesnt do anything to help the music, even though bad production was later on used by most black metal outfits to enhance the “dark” experience, and lets say some of them, some of the time, succeded. But this, this outfit has done nothing here but make an album which at best gives you some laughs on how bad someone can play the guitar and how gimmicky a band can get, and at the worst, well, it does a lot of things; wearing down the ears and insulting your intelligence is one or two of the things it manages to do quite easily.

I suppose if we have to give it a name, we can call it satanic thrash metal what with names of songs relating to Satan, like “Raise the Dead” and “Don’t Kill the Witch”. See Sabbath, look at what you have done. How they ever managed to publish such material is beyond me. Not only are the lyrics banal and cliched but the members cannot play their instruments. Drums, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar. You might know of the technique used almost universally by all black metal bands called “Tremolo Picking” to create that thick “wall of sound” with just a guitar, which prolongs that evil, atonal note when played again and again due to heavy distortion. Well, people who are fans of good black metal bands, expecting to see that technique here, considering that the record is named “Black Metal” , will be dissapointed. The only thing that they display here is their ignorance. Pooh. Blah. Aargh! This sounds awful. Who would have thought that this would spawn Black Metal? If you have not yet gotten into that scene, don’t go by this, this is not at all representative of that genre, except for being anti-christian and badly produced. No record, not even a black metal one that I have ever heard, is as badly produced as this shit. Yikes !

Ok. This doesn’t sound right.

Baba T

Christ ! Is this bad or what?

Christ ! Is this bad or what?


One thought on “Black Metal-VENOM-1982

  1. hey thanks for checking out my blog!! i LOVE your music review blog as well, looks like ours together could maybe inform the public that the music most people listen to is SHIT

    check out my review of the Brand New album Daisy, out Sept 22, i got an advanced copy from a friend at Interscope records.

    how did you get your blog to customize your column on the right???? i want to be able to do that too

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