Appetite for Destruction-GUNS’N’ROSES-1987

This sold like millions at the time and still is hailed as a landmark in the field of rock music. It made these guys. They drew millions to their concerts. It was the craze. Or so I guess.

When I heard this the first time, way back in 2005, I had only a vague idea of all that. All I knew was all I had heard. All I heard, was a hard rock band, with the loud guitars and booming drums, 4/4 time, and it was fun. It was fun listening to this on the school bus and feeling cocky and manly and rough. This is great fun for high school kids and college students. Its hard rock man!!! This is the kind of music you put on loud, it is the definition of rock’n’roll man. Easy to understand, cock rock riffs. Yay!!

Of course, as an album, it’s not very good. This is not meant to be heard while sitting down or reading something. It’s not meant to be heard as an album in the first place. But then 90% of the albums are not meant to be heard in one sitting. This is an album which is meant for big arenas, parties, for the times when you feel like jumping up and down banging your head and imagining yourself singing these songs surrounded by an admiring crowd who think you are so cool, and of course you imagine that that sexy girl whom you have got a crush on is in the crowd too, watching you holding your guitar and singing “Welcome To the “JUNGLE”, We have what you need, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” Of course, when the songs ends you come back to the painful realization that you are sitting in your room, the songs are playing on your speakers, you don’t have a guitar, and more importantly, even if you had one, you wouldn’t know how to play it.

So a big yay for fantasies!! Its what I listen to rock music for!!!

This album is all about the song, “Welcome to the Jungle”, which comes very high in my list of memorable, top notch hard rock songs. Aww, that is an all time classic. It’s the song that G’n’R should be remembered by, and I assure you, nothing they ever did after this matches this song in its cockishness, meanness, horniness, catchiness, oh my goodness!! This is their artistic peak, their Mona Lisa. When we first heard this one, me and my friend used to argue about the meaning of the song. I said it was about urban America and he said that it was about oral sex.

Ok, it was the other way around. I am the dirty one. But cmon, “welcome to the jungle”?

Apart from that hormones increasing, brain buster of an opener, the main treat they have for us is the pseudo-ballad, rock radio staple, “Sweet Child o’ Mine”. This is a song that is known even by people who do not hear rock…..its that famous and iconic. And that great. The opening lines are very emotional after all, and instantly connect with the listeners, and are sung in a very heart felt manner by that ass, Axl Rose, who later became obsessed with November Rain type balladry and therefore degenerated into a prick who think that people want to hear him. Well, Axl, this album is almost the last time that you were decent. You hear that, rock star?

As for the rest of the album, yes some of the songs are decent, “Mr Brownstone”, “Paradise City”, “Nightrain” all kick some ass, and are fun, but my oh my, is this album, and the band , overrated or what? The album fails to grab my attention all the way through and the riffs grow old very quickly , and the clichés all grow old, so after some time apart from “Welcome to the Jungle” , you won’t find any song in my playlist, or in my “all time great” list for that matter.

It doesn’t sound all that right, but the good songs, yes they sound very right.

Baba T

Nun ' n 'Moses everybody!!!

Nun ' n 'Moses everybody!!!


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