METAL / Metallica

Master of Puppets-METALLICA-1986

You are gonna DIE !!! HAHAHAH!!!

You are gonna DIE !!! HAHAHAH!!!

This is a classic and I think you should read this review after listening to the album. The question is not whether it sounds right, that is an obsolete query. The question is……really nothing, I am just gonna enjoy writing a few lines about the album that easily makes my Top 5 list, and you might enjoy reading them. (Well, I know that that is a long shot but still…)

Master of Puppets follows nearly the same blueprint as Ride the Lightning (refer to that review to understand what my understanding of a blueprint is) but it is slightly better because [1] the thrashing, blood pressure raising opener (Battery) is better than Fight Fire with Fire (the opener on the previous album). The intro of Battery is better and more in sync with the rest of the song. The mistake that our Metallica boys made with Fight Fire with Fire was that the intro was too pretty, so that there was no connection of the intro with the rest of the song, it sounded pretty, but also out of place. That has been rectified. Also, Battery is a jillion times more memorable than that one. And that one was pretty good. [2] the ballad “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” is great, and much better than “Fade to Black” simply because it sounds more real and more painful. And “Fade to Black” is a great song, you know that? [3] the main piece of this metallic thrash symphony here, the title track is, in my humble opinion, the greatest metal song, no, greatest pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Yes, I haven’t heard a whole lot, but whatever there is, out of that, Master of Puppets just wipes the floor with them. [4] the instrumental (Orion) is not only a thousand times more complex than “The Call of Ktulu” but it has some of the greatest bass lines I’ve ever had the privilege to hear (I know that El Bajista is gonna disagree, and cite some RHCP song…….go ahead El!)

Oh, and by the way, Master of Puppets is an anti drug song. The album cover is one of the best I have ever seen, just because it makes perfect sense and is in sync with the songs. All those graves, with the strings leading to them, holding them. Most of the songs have memorable lyrics too, for example, “Welcome Home” which is about the horrors of a mental asylum”(this song also reminds of a movie I once saw called “And One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, Jack Nicholson came up with another great performance in that, highly recommended for Nicholson fans), then we have the anti war song “Disposable Heroes”, which gives off just great spine chilling vibes, you know, when Hetfield screams “BACK TO THE FRONT !!!”

So there you have it. The rest of the album is a good backdrop for the classics mentioned above and as a whole, if you listen to this album in one sitting, the whole of it, it might just blow you away. This is one of the few metal albums I can listen to in one sitting; that I want to listen to in one sitting; that I love to listen to in one sitting. Simply the best.

Baba T


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