So Much for the Afterglow-EVERCLEAR-1997

Well, someone told me that these guys were grunge. Someone being the AMG, the most unreliable source for getting to know about good music., i.e. after Rolling Stones. Anyways, I’m on a grunge listening spree here, and wanted to explore the genre more since I wanted proof that something good did exist in the 90’s. I did not find it here.

Did you know the drummer's name is Mr.Eklundh? Hehehehehe

Did you know the drummer's name is Mr.Eklundh? Hehehehehe

Unfortunately, I found proof for the statement that these guys are an absolutely average middle of the road “alternative rock” band, riding on the alt rock wave and as sure as hell they never made a song that sticks, at least not on this album. This seems to be the inspiration for Blink 182’s and Puddle of Shit and Poop right here. This stuff gives rise to images in my mind of teenagers with spots jumpin on their bed holding guitars and banging their heads. Yikes.

If you do want to check out some stuff from this album, there is a instrumental on this album, which does have some grungy dirty guitars, but is too processed to be, and this song does have some licks. Also, I hate the voice of the singer. Absolutely, yessiree. I hate it. Maybe, that makes the instrumental sound better.

Middle of the road, generic, made for mindless mainstream radio schtick. Fuck it up the cover !!! I am goin off to listen to grunge now. Something good. Something like Paw’s Jessie. Now thats what I call good. Something like Paw’s Jessie. Now that’s what I call ROCK’N’ROLLAH !!!!

Baba T


2 thoughts on “So Much for the Afterglow-EVERCLEAR-1997

  1. Dude, this is a good Power Pop album. Quit besmirching its good name! There are some pretty good ditties to be found if you don’t go into it with the approach of it being a “post-grunge” album, or whatever the hell the kids these days are calling it. There are some toss-offs, but they’re fewer than the number of decent tracks, so I can’t help but enjoy this album. I owe a lot of it to nostalgia, as well, but fuck it — I still say this is a good one.

    • Hey man, thanks for coming over to our blog. Baba T’s opinion is after all, only opinon. One can’t account for taste. Everclear obviously doesnt stick to him like it sticks to you.
      Anyway, thanks again for visiting. Anything you would like reviewed?

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