METAL / Metallica

Kill ’em All-METALLICA-1983

Yes here we have it. The debut of one of my all time favorites.

Scary, what?

Scary, what?

Yeah, I know. It would sound more pro to write “one of the most influential melodic thrash metal artistes ever” or “the most renowned heavy music machines ever”. I am sorry. I just don’t care enough. I don’t know if they are the most renowned or the most influential for sure, but what I can say is that they are my favorites and if you are the least bit interested in rock’n’roll and care for heavy music at all, then you will like this.

By this I don’t necessarily mean THIS. By this I mean the sound of Metallica on the next two blockbusters. And why not this? Well, firstly this is not the definitive Metallica sound. This is not the genius of Metallica. Rather is this an average thrash metal outing by a band whose strengths are displayed here for only a few moments. This might have sounded cool and novel back in 1983. In 2009 you have heard this a jillion times done by other bands. Well most of it anyway. And of course, you know what it all sounds like dontcha? Yes, you are right, its your typical hell bent for leather, fast chug alongs, with a steady bass and rhythm lines. Its all damn predictable. I mean you can see everything coming. You have a ominous B-horror movie intro or a smash your drum kit all the way to hell intro, then we fade into the first verse, then chorus, second verse, then the laid on, milk the feedback and sound effects “haw-haw heeeeee” lightning quick lead guitar solo, then back to the chorus and verses and then change. Very Motorheadish and DiamondHeadish.

But if you just forget that its Metallica the same band who wrote songs like Master of Puppets and forget that its nothing new to a rock listener saturated by umpteen metal bands and just try to have fun and rock out, well then full marks to this album. Its goddamn fun, but don’t bring any baggage with you. But if you think that’s a lot of forgetting to do, forget it. Just buy the next two instead.

But whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, do not miss the “Four Horsemen”. You shalt listen to that song and WORSHIP the Kirk Hammet and Cliff Burton guitar interplay. You shalt learneth (Is it learneth? Whatever. Who cares for the right spelling of old archaic gothic Anglo Saxon words anyway?) the true meaning of KICK ARSE. You shalt also look up the Megadeth song “Mechanix” because it was Dave Mustaine who wrote the “Four Horsemen” in the first place, or that is what the Internet smarks claim. “Mechanix” is the faster version that kicks even more arse because its faster and has Mustaine’s snarl spread all over it.

As for the rest of the thing, other “Honorable Mentions” include “The Phantom Lord” that has a nice slow part to it, kinda like Rush. (And slow here is only comparative to the rest of the material.) “Anasthesia:Pulling Teeth” is a bass!!! (listen to this El Bajista) solo!!…that gives me a buzzing in my head. “Seek and Destroy” is a live staple for some reason, but I don’t really like it all that much. Then there is some stuff that descends in banality for example “Metal Militia”. And some other some stuff.

But the stuff I mentioned does sound absolutely friggin right. Enjoy!!!

Baba T


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