Meddle – PINK FLOYD – 1971

This is one of my favorite PF albums.

Yeah, right that’s a great line to start off a review.

What _is_ that?

What _is_ that?

This is a great album because it combines the avant-garde aspects of the first phase of Pink Floyd’s career and also shows the songwriting elements that we will see wholly revealed on the next humdinger. Or rather, the next 4 humdingers. Of course, most people know this album for Echoes. And, yes, that is fair enough because Echoes is the best and most epic song on display here. It takes up all of one side (yes I have a tape of the recording. The one where the album cover is all different, rather than having a thumbprint or something, in rather a un-PF way it has the passport size photos of the 4 band members. Don’t ask how old the tape is.) and in the middle the song just fades away into screaming. Yes. PF up to their old tricks. We have had footsteps and what-not, and now its people screaming. Reminds me of some concentration camp. Echoes is a song which follows the familiar PF blueprint that we will see on the…..wait I already wrote that. The blueprint……yeah, see it starts off with an engaging sound, the tips and taps of a drop of water falling… (Well something like that) and this sound you see, is really sad and ominous sounding. (That’s a good line!) This is the reason for their greatness, displayed right here, you people.This is it. The way the whole song builds and then fades away is amazing. It is the way that PF draw you in that makes it the best. And that is the bottom line because…….

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about the rest of the album. There is some pretty good stuff on Side A too. Take the song “One of These Days” for example. An instrumental built around one chord. Speed it up and you have a thrash classic. Yes, that’s right, a thrash classic, and what with the line (the only one in the song) “One of these days I’m gonna cut you into little pieces” spoken through a vocoder (or some shit) it fits into that genre too. “Pillow of Winds” is a nice song too, living up to its title, soft and calm after the ferocity of “One of These Days”. Nice contrast. After that there is Fearless and that’s all the songs you need to hear from this album folks. There is San Tropez and Seamus too, both irrelevant and unnecessary unless you like to hear a dog howling for 5 minutes. And that’s the whole album, in a nutshell, so to speak. And I haven’t typed this much in a decade. So I’m damned if I am gonna write more. As if the world needed to hear more about PF.

And here is the bottom line.

Baba T


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