Jar of Flies EP-ALICE IN CHAINS-1994

Repulsive but beautiful..the AIC story

Repulsive but beautiful..the AIC story

How amazing is this EP?? Darned amazing lemme tell you. It is not much but a bunch of quiet, and melodic (albeit in a strange way, check out “I Stay Away” to see what I mean.) guitar drenched numbers. You can see them sitting on their comfy sofas and playing this stuff. It is quiet but not laid back, as was always the case where Layne Staley got involved, rather the pain and despair is suppressed but always there. These are sad songs, ladies and gentlemen. 

The guitar work is excellent. Look at “Rotten Apples” maybe the best song AIC ever did. Just look at the way the feedback is used. The WOUWOUWOUWOU sound. Yes, that one.

Just a note to all the death metal, black metal, math core, metal core, thrash metal, dark metal, soft metal, ass metal, new metal, nu metal, industrial metal, garbage metal, goth metal, Christian metal, symphonic metal, symphonic progressive metal, progressive metal, melodic thrash metal, etc etc., read the next para, if you will please.

Pain, agony, despair, lust need not always be expressed by shredding your guitar and bashing your drums and screaming lyrics in a way that no one can understand. It can be done in a soft gentle way that at the same time is harsh and bleak. For reference, listen to Jar of Flies.

And yes, I am sick of all the B-movie horror imagery. Stop insulting our intelligence.

I guess its too late.

Anyways, this EP is the perfect companion to Dirt. While that one had loads of dirty heavy metal riffs bursting at the seam and lots of tortured screaming, this one finds Staley in quiet despair. Please, for the love of Satan, listen to this. HAHAHAHAHHA !!!!!!!!!

Baba T


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