Alice in Chains

Dirt – ALICE IN CHAINS – 1992

You want dirtiness, ugliness, depression? You want kick your ass rock’n’rollah? You want heavy music that is heavy without trying to be? One where the vocalist is a vocalist and not a grinding machine soundalike? You want great tunes about drugs? You want some beautiful acoustic goodness?



Its all on here and it will never be done better again. Ever again. Layne Staley just sounds drugged out, and in all probability, I guess, he was. This here monster just explodes into your face with “Them bones”. And I mean explodes. A long shriek, a cry of pain and desperation, of anger and frustration and some heavy, heavy riffing. That’s nice and cozy. And the goodness just continues with Dam That River. Oh my gawd. These songs just come into your consciousness and just stick there. The only songs that are not absolutely A grade here, which you can safely avoid without feeling that you have missed anything are God Smack, Iron Gland and Hate to Feel. Just unmemorable, trudging along riffs on those. As for the rest, download it, steal it, buy it, do what you like, but if you are a true fan of heavy music (no heavy music does not mean playing a downtuned guitar at 1000rpm and have a guy scream along on top. NO.) You cannot miss these songs.

These songs are not to be played if you are suffering from depression though. You might just kill yourself. The absolute, goddamn bottomline is that this album kicks some serious butt providing non stop rock’n’roll entertainment, so that you can headbang along, very slowly of course. The absolute best.

And that is the bottomline. HERE.

Baba T


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