Dark Side of the Moon – PINK FLOYD – 1973

The world doesn’t need even one more review of this album. Not even one. But I’m still gonna go right ahead and write it out anyway just because I do this for fun. How could I not write about this one! It’s one of my favorites!

The legendary cover

The legendary cover

Now I know it would have been more fashionable to say that this album has flaws and stuff, but you know, who gives a DAMN anyway?! I for one don’t see “flaws” though I have read reviews which have pointed them out.

I have news for them. FUCK OFF.

Now that we are done with that, lets move on to the album that has sold like crazy but lesser than MJ’s “Thriller”. And that’s cool too, ‘cause that album has a lot of crazy cool pop hooks that I’m damn sure you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Oh and today is June 27, 2009 and MJ is dead so I did feel that any review I wrote should mention THE Jackson. (Of course I could have done one better and started reviewing MJ, but…..)

And now lets really move on to DSOTM. I have heard that this album remained on Billboard for 15 years. Are you kidding me!!! But I have also heard that Boys in the Streetback used to remain on the Billboard an awful lot, so what do they know? I mean it’s just the popular stuff right? What’s the guarantee that popular stuff is good? NONE. I mean Britney Spears is popular and that is the answer to your question right there. So there goes the credibility of Billboard. It just tells you who’s selling how much.

And now let’s really, really move on to DSOTM. As you might have understood (unless you are as big a moron as the Randy Orton character on WWE) I basically harbor very positive feelings towards this album and I’ll not hear a word against the genius of this album AND the genius of Roger Waters. You can vilify the man all you want, you can call him a pretentious, egoistic selfish bastard all the times you want but you can’t deny that he is a genius. Or rather whoever wrote these songs; I am moving forward on the assumption that it’s Roger because it says so in the credits.

Now that I’m done defending Waters, lets really really, really, really move on to the actual music on the album. Oh, you bet your candy ass it’s good. Otherwise it wouldn’t have stayed on Billboard for 15 years.HAHAHAHAHA. I mean just look at everything. How could you not get taken in by this shit? Yes, its dark stuff about the things that matter time, death, money, etc. but it’s the way the mood is conveyed through the texturing and arrangement of the songs that makes this album. It feels like one cohesive unit, unlike any other album I have ever heard. It’s the most distinctive shit I have ever heard. (Not that that’s saying a whole lot but still……)

Of course I could go on and on about each song and the lyrics and the production (the best of that time I guess, done by Alan Parsons…yeah, the same asshole who made albums that were so boring that you could listen to the whole thing and never know it existed. And that folks, is your Alan Parsons review. The absolute goddamn bottomline. But I guess he was a good producer) but it has all been done before so lets skip it. The bottomline of this review is that DSOTM is a great album which everyone has already heard anyways, all detractors are assholes, Alan Parsons was a good producer but as a songwriter he just sucks balls, and MJ is dead, been dead 2 days now. And of course you should check up on Thriller the number one selling album of all time. And that is the goddamn bottomline.

And here is the bottomline.

Oh, and yeah, anything that stays on Billboard for 15 years has got to be good.

Baba T



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