Helmet / METAL


The whole darned thing is just half an hour long but if you can take it all in just one go, then hats off to you mate. Not that its bad. Oh no, far from it. For people who are even a teeny bit interested in heavy rock, and the grunge and hardcore punk scene in particular, this album is a must have. They simply race through the ten tracks without letting up even once. Song after song, it’s the same story; heavy riffs, odd time signatures, stop start go which is employed by Page Hamilton and Co.

The guitar is low and keeps growling out dirty mean riffs all the time, the singer is pissed off and spits out the lyrics in a rough, gruff bark, the solos are just “screeched” out, sounds like they were torturing the guitar, lots of dirty feedback and distortion throughout and except for the song “Unsung”, I can’t see how they expected this dirty swamp monster to break out in the mainstream. Particularly recommended for your ears is the title track and Ironhead, what with its cathartic drumming and awesome chorus. Yes, the whole thing becomes a bit monotonous after the first four tracks and you lose hold of what’s going on because nearly every song sounds almost the same in the beginning, but give it time, rock freaks and this growling, flea bitten son of a bitch will grow on you.Helmet_Meantime-[Front]-[www.FreeCovers.net]

Of course, if just want a 3 minute stomper to bang your bum to, then just pick any one of the 10 tracks. They will all serve you well. A yay! for heavy rock !!!!!!!!! Sounds deliciously right !!!

Baba T


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