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Cold and Desolate are the words.

After the grand success of OK Computer, Radiohead were touted as the “saviors” of rock music, as the band that had taken up the baton from Floyd and the Beatles into the next century for making intelligent rock music and breaking MTV pop trends. Yeah, right. Why do the media take every good, pure thing and mess it up? Radiohead is a good, intelligent band with a penchant in 1997 for writing good guitar rock songs, but they were not saviors because, firstly rock music does not need to be “saved”, secondly, only a generation fed on a steady diet of MTV and VH1 would be overly impressed with OK Computer, which, mind you, is a good album, a nice album, but it is not a legendary album, is not a paradigm changing piece of music. Alternative rock saw lots of more awesome albums in the 90’s, but hey, the mainstream couldn’t be bothered to see beyond Paranoid Android. Fuck you, mainstream. In any case, you should know that Kid A inaugurated the second period in the musical evolution of Radiohead.

However, if Kid A had got the same praise which got handed down to its predecessor, I would have agreed, to most of it anyway. That it got a mixed reaction shows how stupid people can be, and I am including professional music writers in on this one. Kid A saw Radiohead abandoning rock music’s totally understandable obsession with guitar riffs and licks and moving towards layers, textures and beats. This is called post-rock for a reason. No, it is not only electronic trance music. Yes, it incorporates elements of electronica heavily, as well as ambient music (think Brian Eno), jazz, etc, not to mention elements of soundtrack music from 50’s British pictures, which sound (purposely) dated.

But that is not the reason that I dote on this album so much. It is because Radiohead perfected the art of conveying ideas, mood, concepts, hell, images, through sound alone. Take the title track for a second here. Notice the underlying piano motif which puts me in the mind of a children’s juke box. Layered on top of the piano are the vocals(Thom Yorke), distorted beyond recognition, sounding like a child and an adult at the same time. I won’t mention my interpretation of the music, because I fully understand that that is not the purpose. The purpose is not to convey a certain ideology or thought process. The purpose is to ensure that everybody gets to take away some sort of interpretation or imagery after listening to this. Kid A isn’t a path to anywhere; it’s an open field, vast and unrestricted.

Recommended Tracks – All of ‘em.

-Baba T

Lightbulb Sun-PORCUPINE TREE-2000

Their least “progressive” record, so to speak, if we speak in context of stereotypical notions of what is progressive since there are no lengthy, multi-part instrumental jams ala The Sky Moves Sideways, except for one (“Russia on Ice”, but then they have to maintain that proggy image with the marks, eh?), instead for the most part this is pleasant, guitar rock with lush keyboards and what I like to call the “Porcupine Tree Ambience”. In hindsight, this was the logical step towards the unique PT sound of In Absentia, which I see as the culmination of the first half of PT’s career. Some of the acoustic, understated filler on this album could have been done away with and doesn’t quite have the effect of “Heartattack in a Layby” from In Absentia, because the album pacing and track listing is not properly organized like on that humdinger, but these are mostly petty nitpickings, coz I have nothing else to do right now and have to make this review bigger, so that you guys feel that I am actually reviewing a record rather than writing one liners and tag lines. Just a touch of metal, here and there, for good measure, once or twice, for example in the excellent “Hatesong”, in many ways the precursor to the dangerous “Strip the Soul” that followed on In Absentia. It doesn’t have the variety of In Absentia, or the impact, but it is nice. A very worthy addition to your PT record collection.

Hahahaha, that’s what I come up with, after listening to this album for years….that its nice…..hahahahahaahahahahaahha……that is why, for asinine and incomplete discographies I recommend that you come to That (Doesn’t) Sound(s) Right, the new era of rock’n’roll reviewing, hell, we are the next Lester Bangs!! And as for this record, enjoy more of the PT ambience!! The dreamy guitars!! The dusk type atmosphere!! Perfect soundtrack for evenings in the countryside when the sun is sending its last rays over tired Mother Earth!! The almost whispered vocals!! Yay!!! Lets rock!!

Recommended Songs- Shesmovedon, Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth before it is Recycled, Lightbulb Sun, Hatesong.

-Baba T

4 Chords that Made a Million-PORCUPINE TREE-2000

This is not a LP or even a EP. Just a single, but what the heck? It has 3 brilliant, classic PT songs, in their golden age, released just a month, as a promo to the album, Lightbulb Sun, which album I shall be coming to, very soon. Only “4 Chords that Made a Million” is to be found on the studio album mentioned above, while I don’t know where “Disappear” and “In Formaldehyde” are to be found, hence a separate review for this “limited edition” disc. Heh. Just download it from the net. The above mentioned songs, showcase the mellow, plodding side of our favourite 21st century progressive band. Though they muffed up big time with the “Incident”, you can easily go back to the period of Signify through to Fear of a Blank Planet, where there is so much good material that it will make you puke.

Err..lets call it a great precursor to a great album.

-Baba T

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A Perfect Circle were known and hyped as a supergroup. Consisted of the Tool frontman Maynard James, so the Tool comparisons are obvious. Giving a finger to all the babyish nu-metal bands at the turn of the decade, A Perfect Circle had the “mature” metal sound, clean vocals and immaculate playing. Nothing amateurish here, its perfectly executed. They were the perfect amalgamtion of all that was supposed to be good in metal. They would lead modern metal into the new century. Progressive Alternative metal and what not.

However, again there is a lot of wankery and perfectionism without providing any listenability. There is a lot of Tool here, however Tool manage to make their songs more memorable, at least on Lateralus (which is the only Tool album I have heard).  Everything is in place, but with all due respect, they cannot make that connect. I am left cold, trying to find something to nod at, but failing.


The only song I would recommend here is Orestes, which has nice ambient synths in the background and a cracking riff to complement it. (Almost every song has some “studio trickery” in it, but nothing of note)

I would invite El Bajista to listen to this album and review it. Maybe I am a dumbfuck and should confine myself to AC/DC and Motorhead and the Ramones. Maybe I am biased towards this particular kinda music. Maybe this music good.

I don’t know, as Ozzy would say. This did not sound right, at least to me.

-Baba T

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