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De-Loused in the Comatorium-THE MARS VOLTA-2003

Tremulant EP was just a taster for all of the fans of the Hispanic Mars Volta, and it was succeeded by this LP, which just carried on the sound of that EP. Mars Volta has often been described as a love it or hate it band, something which I can hardly understand, in my opinion they are more of a hit-miss. Some of the cuts on this album are good, and there is no way you can get around that, and I say that not only as a prog rock fan, but purely as a rock’n’roll fan They are not all that consistent, but they are memorable, hence my liking for them. When they rock, they rock, so to speak but sometimes you realize that under all that bombast, some very weak melodies hide. It is difficult to get into the good songs, you have to keep listening for some time, get used to the layers upon layers of sound and the semi-operatic yowl of the thin voiced vocalist. The guitar playing is mostly impeccable courtesy Rodriguez Lopez; the use of the soft-loud dynamic perfectly paced.

As far as this album is concerned, even on repeated listens I am still indifferent to most but these- Son et Lumiere+ Inertiatic Esp (they are one song divided into two), Eriatarka, Televators and Cicatriz. Those are the songs you will love, I guarantee it. Perfect. There is also a concept, which I am not familiar with. The rest of the material is listenable, but not very memorable, and after some time I found myself just listening to what I really liked and ignoring the rest. The thing is, songs like “This Apparatus Must be Unearthed” and “Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt” have the good parts, but they also have the harsh and grating parts where there is more noise and fuss than music. Therefore, recommended, but with the above reservations.

Recommended Songs-Mentioned very clearly in the review itself.

- Baba T

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Tremulant EP-THE MARS VOLTA-2002

Mars Volta has mainly formed from the ashes of At the Drive In, a band whom I am not very familiar with apart from one or two songs and is the brain child of one of the better guitarists in the world today, Rodriguez Lopez. This is just the EP which they released in the run up to one of the most famous prog rock classics in the last decade, De-Loused in the Comatorium or some shit like that. I am reviewing this EP, even though it has only 3 songs just because it has one of my favorite songs, namely, Concertina, which I first heard on an Indian Radio Channel back in 2005. If you don’t know how shitty All India Radio is with regard to rock music, you don’t know how amazing that is.

The songs almost overflow with music.

Mars Volta’s USP lies in the fact that they combine a lot of latin and jazz rhythms and guitar to make (sometimes) really catchy and explosive songs. The vocalist boasts of At the Drive In in his Curriculum Vitae and sings in a falsetto. To me, they seem to be influenced a lot by indie music. In any case, if you haven’t heard them, you should, because this is one of the more idiosyncratic and powerful prog rock bands to come up in recent times. 2 out of the 3 songs on this EP are really worth your time, namely Concertina and Cut That City, so download both of them quickly. I shall review De-Loused in the Comatorium in more detail, but to the uninitiated I would suggest this EP before they decide whether the Mars Volta is their cup of tea or not, since their assault on the ears can get irritating at times, even to people like me not only because there is a lot of noise, but also because there are a lot of things going on, different time signatures, guitars, synths, all at the same time.

-Baba T


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