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Bark at the Moon-OZZY OSBOURNE-1983

A big drop in quality. Might have been considered quite good back in the 80’s but this post-Randy stuff hasn’t aged all that well. The difference is that the first two albums contain songs for the ages while Bark at the Moon is well and good but run of the mill 80’s metal. So not all that essential.

However, its not very bad. It has Bark at the Moon, the only song that can make it to the all time Ozzy songlist from here, with Ozzy delivering one of his best vocal deliveries. Jake E. Lee is competent and that’s all he is. The solo in the title track is a painful reminder of how good Randy was. Not that it is bad, in fact Jake does the job well, but its your usual up down up down lead guitar solo that are found on so many of the hair metal songs of the 80’s. Lacks the classical touch that Randy had. The title track stands out for the memorable riff and “OOOOOO” that Ozzy adds on top. 

Other than that, there are the two ballads “You’re No Different To Me” and “So Tired”, which are ballads, so I’ll just stop there. Take it or leave it stuff. On second thoughts “So Tired” is too damn cheesy. Pooh. Tracks like “Slow Down” see Ozzy adding cheesy synths to the chorus section of the song. Bah. I suggest that you pick up the Best of or The Essential or Greatest Hits or whatever it is called to hear the best tracks post Randy.

-Baba T

Yea, I am talking about this one.

Diary of a Madman-OZZY OSBOURNE-1981

Its Ozzy with Randy Rhoads. Almost the last time that he was legitimately good and the solos were real heavy and classic. After this Randy died in some freak accident and after that it was all downhill starting with Bark at the Moon. Guitarists like Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), Jake E Lee (don’t know anything about him) kept coming and going.

Typical 80's

The really good, classic songs:- Diary of a Madman, Over the Mountain,Flying High Again, S.A.T.O. The rest of the songs-nondescript. We have Ozzy yelling that “Rock’n’Roll is my only religion and only god” on “You Can’t Kill Rock’n’Roll” the first of many times he would make songs defending Father Rock. There is nothing much to describe here. Refer my review of Blizzard of Ozz.

I suppose the best thing you can do is to get Ozzy’s Best of Box Set. I think there must be one though I am not sure. I have the Best of on Tape. The best of 80’s hair metal, you may be sure. There is no 80’s mainstream catchy metal better than Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. Further discussion is useless.

-Baba T

Blizzard of Ozz-OZZY OSBOURNE-1980 not only Black Sabbath

The madmans solo debut. The Ozz coming into his own. The quintessential Ozzy aka Metal album.

As I have already stated in my Black Sabbath review, I am an Ozzy fan. I simply like his voice and personality and all that, its funny. I was reminded of him suddenly a few weeks ago when I was watching Monday Night RAW, where he was the guest host ( I am waiting for Rock to guest host RAW, man. Can’t wait) and he was quite good at it too. (Btw, if you did not watch, please check out the asshole Chris F Masters bouncing his boobies to the beats of Crazy Train. It was great!! The only time he has ever done anything entertaining. And he is sposed to be a sports entertainer)

Before this turns out to be review of Monday Night RAW, let me return to Ozzy and not soil this review of one of my favourite albums by being off topic. As I said, Ozzy has, according to me, a great voice, now after being bereft of the skills of Tony Iommi on the guitar, he needed a great guitarist. And look at his luck, who does he get? A guitarist who could put any other axeman on this earth to shame in his day (Yea, even all your John Petruccis, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai etc etc..)

Randy Rhoads. The man responsible for the resurrection of the Ozzman’s career. Without him there might never have been “The Osbournes”. More importantly, without him we might never have had the privilege to hear brilliant songs like “Crazy Train” or “Mr Crowley”.

Those two tracks form the core of this hellraiser of an album. Just look at Randy’s guitar tone. Raw, in your face, classic and at times, classical. Awesome. He perfectly complements Ozzy, as the Ozzman just blazes away on this album. Except for the last three songs, the whole album is a stone cold classic. Ozzy’s lyrics are always fun to hear, the nice thing being, Ozzy stopped writing too much of Satan and just wrote what he wanted to without trying to be “evil” and “dark”.

Of course, if you come to an Ozzy solo album for listening to some really heavy shit….well just do not come then. This brand of metal is not heavy at all, but just hooky 80’s pop metal sorta, made great because it has Ozzy singing and Randy classical soloing. Iommi made Ozzy great because his heavy vacuum cleaner of a guitar, which just droned along, while Randy’s guitar just flies away sort of and is very light. Easy to get into. Even non-metal heads will like this stuff immensely.

Not much else that I want to say. There was a whole case filed against Ozzy for abetment of suicide, when some asshole listened to Suicide Solution and then killed himself, but who cares. He got off. The court said that the song did not contain subliminal messages. The boys parents had argued that Ozzy was guilty of inciting their kid to suicide because Suicide Solution has Ozzy chanting “Do it , Do it”. In McCollum et al. v. CBS, Inc., et al the court upheld the right to free speech and the said that the First Amendment…………..

Yea, that is what happens when you become a law student. I am truly sorry.

The album is totally kick arse. Has the nice ballad  “Goodbye to Romance” and all which makes me feel senti at times. Check it out.

Baba T..not out of the habit of summarizing case laws.

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But he owes a lot to this guy for that..


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