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Leprosy – DEATH – 1988

Time and repeated listens to the Death discography have altered my feelings and perception – I view “The Sound of Perseverance” as a functional but mediocre epitaph of this band with a few highlights – the real meat of Death lies in their earlier offerings – nowhere better encapsulated and expressed than on “Leprosy”.Leprosy_Album (1)

The Florida death metal band offer simple chromatic metal riffing – non cyclic song structure – brilliant lead guitar work which is equal parts atonal and neo classical in portions – functional drumming with entertaining sequences of blast beats back when they were used sparingly and at the correct time – and a healthy obsession for exposing the grim realities of life like, you guessed it – incurable diseases – disgusting deformities of the human body – euthanasia – and open caskets, things that mainstream would rather people forget and buy the latest party album only for $15.99. The bass is lucid, clearly audible and compelling – check “Born Dead”.

Music is a window to how we perceive life – the view here is not a nice or comforting one – but a harsh, supremely beautiful one. Simple, effective, compelling,  influential, enjoyable, cathartic death metal from one of the early first wave American Death Metal bands. Enjoy.

Recommended Tracks – Leprosy, Open Casket, Pull the Plug, Left to Die.

-Baba T

The Sound of Perseverance-DEATH-1998

Death is a legendary band in metal music. It’s a band that you use as a point of reference, as a gold standard. I am not much of a person for sitting through hours and hours of stop and start grinds or insane flurries or abrupt time signatures. On the Sound of Perseverance I encountered all of these tactics and was still unable to lose interest. As you all might know…ok just kidding….most probably you don’t…Death consisted of one musical genius called Chuck Schuldiner who handled lyrics, concepts, song writing, vocals, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, and the occasional bass and a revolving door of lead guitarists, drummers, bassists, sessions musicians et all. So basically, Chuck. The poor man died of cancer, partly because he didn’t have the money, and partly, well, because of the cancer. But, yes, the man didn’t have the money. That’s the kind of capitalist society we live in, where only the wealthy can exercise the right to save their lives from such a painful disease as cancer. The poor might just as well put a gun in their mouths. Oh, but no, most of you still believe that Marx and Lenin were “evil” and a communist society imposes restrictions on our valuable “freedoms”. Nobody even cares to look behind the bourgeoisie propaganda against that form of political economy, no one cares anymore to even educate themselves on the topic, oh no, it is much more comfortable to ignore all that and delude ourselves that we live in “democracies”. Oh yes, it’s the “free” market, it’s the land of opportunity!! Long live free enterprise!! Long live the “republic”!! It’s the New Year so let’s all go to the mall, today!!

All through the album you can spot NWOBHM and jazz influences. Chuck clearly used to listen to a lot of that stuff (Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Judas Priest et all). There are a plethora of fist thumping and mind bending riffs here. You can almost call this particular album the perfect combination of dazzling technique, brutality and emotional resonance. Plus there is the beautiful acoustic interlude called Voices of the Soul. Minus a few points for containing the unnecessary Judas Priest cover. I never liked “Painkiller”. Unfortunately, this album turned out to be Chuck’s swansong, and was the last ever album put out under the Death moniker. However, this is one helluva album to go out on. I don’t know why Human, Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic get more attention than this one, out of all those I would still pick this as the best Death album. That is all for today, have a good day.

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Recommended Songs – Spirit Crusher, Scavenger of Human Sorrow, A Moment of Clarity, Voices of the Soul.

-Baba T





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