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Strange Days-THE DOORS-1967

Today I continue with the list of albums that changed the way I listen to music. We’ve had a prog rock album in my top 5, one thrash metal album, and now I shall talk, nay, rave, about the immortal Doors.It is like you just reached another, more open world..............

Doors are a cultural landscape all by themselves, and largely due to the charisma and voice of Jim Morrison. I need not write anything about how Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek met and how they started gigging at the famous/infamous Whisky-a-go-go, pardon me if I didn’t get that right, I have never been to L.A and can’t bother opening Wikipedia right now because I am drunk and just don’t care. I am not a one for facts you know? So there were X people in the band and shit happened. BOoo………..

You know what? I find it unfair that people talk so much and worship Morrison to the exclusion of all else. HELLO, what about the lush/ atmospheric keyboards of Ray? What about the heavenly hippie/warm guitar of Robbie Kreiger? What about the jazzy, rainy, almost silent background formed by John Densmore on the drums? What about them, eh? Yes, the god like baritone, the casual explicit line dropping, all that belongs to Jim Morrison. But what the hell about the background, eh? No doubt that Morrison just watched the other guys create atmosphere and then stepped into the spotlight and made the song all about him i.e. hippiness, casual sex, the infiniteness of the universe, the stupidity and monotony created by morality etc. But then we do have the other awesome guys.

In any case, Strange Days is the most awesome album they ever made. Not that the other albums were not awesome, they were. But this album is the place where they really…….aww…I don’t know. Whatever. Except for Horse Latitudes every song is one more addition to your list of “Songs I have to listen to when high.”

I am high. I am high and listening to the Doors. And when the music is over, please turn out the lights.

When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear to man as they truly are…infinite.

i.e. There is no ultimate truth. The hippies lost but they were right. You can wait around, invest, marry, fuck, practice religion, worship Jesus, Allah.,….its bullshit. No one put us on Earth. No one told us to be “moral”.

We want the earth, and we want it…we want it…….we want it NOW……..!!!!!!

-Baba T



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