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That settled, let’s get introduced.

So, the two of us like music. A lot. We decided we should review music that we like (and some that we don’t, so that our views get out to the world. It doesnt matter that our views aren’t well accepted. We get that music is subjective, but we would nevertheless like to have our views read and approved.

Leave a comment or feedback below, including any albums you would like us to review. Feel free to specify which reviewer you would like to see reviewing the album of your choice. Spam will be deleted speedily, and you shall be blocked. Cheers.

El Bajista

Note: is currently bald
Note: is currently bald

Currently in law school. Likes to play bass, and crack bassist jokes. Other obsessions include cars and err…that’s it. Favourite artists: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Dream Theater, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Tool, Deep Purple, Niacin, Porcupine Tree, random Punk Rock songs, Metallica, The Allman Brothers, OSI…..in a nutshell, good music.

Baba T

Hailing from the historical town of Allahabad, UP, Baba T is a hardcore rock music fan, who started out on the rock n rollah discovery when he was 16 and has never stopped since.

B. Cobain
B. Cobain

He likes chilled beer, rock music when hard and having an edge, which however does not stop him from liking music that has integrity. Apart from being a music fan he is also a professional wrestling and movie fan. Favorite artists include the usual. Check the damn site to know his tastes.

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